There's been a lot of talk going on about what the future will be like. A lot of people trying to anticipate how it is gonna be. But we've decided to stop guessing; and to start really feeling it.

We feel that it's by connecting to people that we make better things. Better decisions, better creations, better experiences.

It all comes down to people, if you think about it. We like to see technology as a platform and a tool to enhance personal connections. Real links between stories, desires, ideas, needs. That's why we invest and play in the small Internet. Not the big one. Not the anonymous comments on YouTube, the unnamed reckless trolls, the douchebag's unfiltered thoughts. The big one pushes us far from one another, placing soulless beings between us, watering everything down into a tasteless, colorless mediocre mixture...

We feel there are too many mediators out there. And that's not a good thing. Having so many layers between the start and the finish makes everything less genuine. Specialization, abstraction, repetition, alienation. That's why we try to get closer to the source, to the raw materials - pixels, wood, bacteria, whatever. Getting our hands dirty. Thinking global and acting rural.

Excessive and empty images bombard us on a daily basis, preventing us from seeing all that is unique and beautiful, right before our very eyes. Images should work as maps for the world outside; not as the world itself. That's why we believe in minimalism in process and in product.

Basing our system of exchange only around money is outdated. Experiences can be just as valuable as a fat bank account.

We feel that the future is based on the small communities(& businesses) empowerment, which will eventually re-design our routines and our cities. The world is crowded. Every system is vulnerable, seeking survival - including our nervous system.

That's the time to get hands on and remodel our houses, our neighborhoods, our cities. We've been living in territories designed or that have emerged hundreds of years ago, for lives from hundred of years ago.

We salute the urban exodus, but it doesn't mean we refuse cosmopolitanism.

We use cities that same way we use technology. Both should be hacked. Both should be used at its best. Both should be mashed up. By applying the plurality of the city and the potentialities of technology to smaller communities, we'll initiate a more sustainable world (and a happier neighborhood). That's why we talk about gathering more people together by decentralizing them...

Let's stop guessing.
Let's start feeling and doing.

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Technology, Personal Connections,
Urban Exodus, Minimalism, Community Relevance
and Decentralized Education.

Think global.
Act rural.


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